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The time to launch Sticker Burr Outdoors has finally arrived. The concept for Sticker Burr Outdoors began as a simple idea in my mind. After many years of thought, imagination, and an ever-growing desire to transform my dreams into reality, Sticker Burr Outdoors is ready to be shared with all of you.

Over my lifetime, I have truly had only three goals that were deeply embedded in my mind and my heart that I have felt driven to achieve. These goals were so powerful that failure was not an option. Moving forward and achieving those goals were not choices, they were necessities. As a believer in Jesus, one might term these goals as “my calling.” I do not pretend to know the mind of the Almighty, but through faith, I believe and accept the Lord’s pushing me toward my three goals.

My first goal was to become a public school teacher. As a high school freshman, that desire was placed on my heart. External forces pushed against my goal. The common philosophies of the time gave me reasons not to work toward that goal. “Teachers don’t make that much money.” and “Teachers are no longer respected in our country as they once were.” Outside forces pushed against my goal, but my heart and mind pushed me forward. I had no lofty ambitions about changing the world as a teacher and I was not suffering from hero syndrome. My heart just told me to do it, so I did. I have been a public school social studies teacher for over 20 years. I would be lying if I said that teaching public school was “living the dream.” But teaching is a profession that drives me out of bed every morning and for lack of better phrase, it gives me satisfaction and positively impacts the lives of others.

My second life goal was to gain a seminary education. I had little desire to be a professional minister, missionary, or any other type of traditional church employee. Attending seminary was simply one of my goals with a burning desire to achieve. I attended Logsdon Seminary at Hardin-Simmons University. I earned my Master of Divinity degree with over 93 hours of graduate hours. The lectures, reading, writing, and research with which I engaged, was some of the most challenging and rewarding educational experiences in my life. Not only did I gain valuable tools for life-long service, I gained confidence for a variety of future endeavors.

My third life goal was to be involved in and start a successful business. I worked in private industry, started many side businesses, including mowing grass, trimming trees, scrapping metal, teaching teen driver education, and officiating weddings. While all of these endeavors were beneficial in their own way, the biggest lesson I learned was that in order to build a successful business, one must be passionate about their product or service. Without that passion, a small business could never grow into something bigger than just a means for paying my bills. So, my journey continued. What products and services am I passionate enough about that could create a flourishing business?

I spent years simply thinking, pondering, and dreaming about how could I transform my passions, my education, my experience, and my skills into a successful enterprise. Through years of consideration, the idea of Sticker Burr Outdoors was born in my mind. The mission of Sticker Burr Outdoors is not to make a profit. I believe if I stay true to myself and my mission, the money will take care of itself. The mission of Sticker Burr Outdoors is “Building Boys into Men.” Sticker Burr Outdoors will provide families with tools to transform their pre-teen and teen boys into men of character. We will provide books about hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure along with distinctive line of products that will support our mission.

Finally, our books and products can be enjoyed by all people; but our target market is boys. I encourage you and your family to follow and grow with Sticker Burr Outdoors. Finally, I would be honored if you would allow Sticker Burr Outdoors, as an enterprise, to grow up with your boys.

May God bless us on our journey, and my God bless your families.


Brian Gasiorowski

Sticker Burr Outdoors—Author and Owner

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